Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should we expect at our session?

Love! Laughter! Fun!  I do my best to give you the kind of experience I would want in a photography session. While capturing beauty and simplicity in your final images is what I strive for, my ultimate goal is to know that the experience you have during our session is relaxed, fun, personal and unique.  Get ready to laugh, be silly and feel beautiful in your own skin!

2. How long will our session take?

The length of the session depends on the kind you need.  Engagement, small family, children and maternity sessions are usually 1-1.5 hours in length.  I try to keep your photo shoot long enough to allow you to get comfortable in front of the camera and not to rush, but short enough so you or the kids (or you!) don’t burn out 😉 . Newborn sessions may take a little more time and patience. There will be plenty of time for cuddles and soothing, as well as to nurse or feed your babers!

3. Do you travel to us, or do we come to you?

Yes! 😉  If you have a special location in mind for your session (the first place you met, your favourite restaurant, your family’s beach house, etc.) I will absolutely travel there!  Anything that makes your session more personal to you makes me happy.  If there are no places that stick out in your mind, or you want to save on the travel fee, I can absolutely recommend some great local options. All newborn sessions take place in the comfort of your own home or an alternative location of your choice.

4. What should we do to prepare for our session?

Great question! Let’s see…

For Engagements – I’ll be sending you an email before your session with questions in order to learn more about you and to plan a totally YOU photo shoot.  Feel free to bring along up to two outfit changes for you and your guy.

For Family and Children – Feel free to prep your kids and hubby for the shoot in their own love language.  Will your son respond more positively if you describe the session as an adventure?  Does focusing on the end result (beautiful photos, a special treat at the end of the day, etc.) give the photo shoot a more exciting spin for your family?  Do your best to keep positive and let your littles know that you believe that they will do great!  I promise we will have fun, so make sure they hold me to that promise.  And treats! I am not above bribery, so please do bring some snacks and treats to reward your kiddos for their job well done.  Keep the snacks in the non-messy category, meaning no crackers (crumbs in teeth!) or candy that melts (smarties all over their face!).  Gummy candies like Gummy Bears or Real Fruit Chews are perfect!

Maternity – I’ll be sending you an email before your session with questions in order to learn more about you and to plan a totally YOU photo shoot.  Feel free to bring along up to two outfit changes for yourself.  Form fitted tops work best.  If you plan on being photographed with a bare belly, make sure you come to the session wearing loose fitted clothing (including no under-wire!) so that your skin doesn’t have any annoying indents or lines on it.

For Newborns – Preparing for a newborn session is like preparing for a tornado. You can stock up on your canned goods, but whether or not they’ll do you any good is just not up to you! 😉  Okay, it’s not that bad, but the point I’m trying to make is that babies are unpredictable.  The best way to prepare is to set aside time.  Know that a newborn session may take a little longer (1.5-2 hours on average) and just can’t be rushed.  Be ready with plenty of wipes and diapers and be prepared to nurse or feed your baby as much as they need.  You can also turn up your thermostat a few degrees so that your little one will be plenty warm.  Warm and full – that’s our goal!  If we are sweating, it’s probably the perfect temperature!

5. What if my kids won’t sit still, or my baby won’t stop crying?

Perfect! Your kids are NORMAL! 😉  Don’t worry, don’t stress.  Kids are crazy and messy, and I love them!  I want to photograph your kids just the way they are. Of course we will try to get those sweet “smiling and looking at the camera” shots, but what I’m most interested in is capturing your kiddos at the stage in life they’re at. If that includes running around pretending they’re Batman, twirling in circles like a ballerina or roaring like a lion…then that’s what we’ll do!  I do not expect your son or daughter to be able to sit still and turn out perfect photos for our entire hour session…I don’t even know if I could do that!  We will mix it up, give them breaks if they need it and keep the session as relaxed as possible. Snacks are a great way to help move along a session. Never underestimate the influence of a hungry belly!

6. What on earth do we wear?

My most asked question!  Okay, I know first hand that deciding on outfits for your photo shoot can be stressful (I just had my family’s photos done this past Fall…talk about over-thinking it!!), so let me try to help. My advice is to dress your family as one outfit. Instead of trying to “match” each other, just try to “co-ordinate”.  First and foremost choose an outfit for yourself that you feel great in (I’m talking to you pretty lady!), one that you feel both comfortable and confident in. Then dress the rest of your family to co-ordinate with you. Pull out colours from your outfit to use throughout the rest of your family. By no means does every colour have to be on everyone, in fact neutrals (like greys, jean, khakis, whites, navies and browns) can be used intermingled and do not have to be repeated on each person.  Patterns are fine, but try to keep a one person per pattern limit (you can mix plaid and dots, but maybe keep it so one person wears a plaid shirt, while another a polka-dot skirt with intermingling colours). Be funky, be yourself and have fun! Graphic teas are fine for a fun addition, but limit this, and know that the person with the brightest, loudest and more graphic clothing will stand out. Stay away from branded clothing (unless you want to look like a Gap or Roots ad!) and remember your shoes!  They do not have to match, but make sure they are clean and fit the season.  Check out my “What to Wear” boards on Pinterest for more inspiration!

7. When is the best time for maternity photos?

The advice I usually give is to have your photos done between 32 and 37 weeks.  It really depends on your personal comfort and, honestly, self esteem.  If you know from past pregnancies that you start feeling (and therefore looking!) uncomfortable after 32 weeks, let’s book early.  If this is your first pregnancy and you’re not sure, let’s book for somewhere around 33-35 weeks, just to be safe.  That being said, anything from a cute little bump to the day before your due date (if you feel up to it!) can work!

8. When is the best time for newborn photos? 

The best time to photograph a newborn – to get those sleepy, molded, curled up shots – is within the first 7 days, however any baby under 12 weeks is considered a newborn and we can get great photos no matter what stage they are at!

9. What are some of the other important milestones to capture for my baby?

After the newborn stage (within the first 7 days), the next milestone is usually the 3-4 months mark when your baby is smiling and can hold their head up. Next is at about 6 months old when your babbers is laughing, and sitting up. One year is another great milestone when many bambinos have teeth, are crawling, standing with help or even walking. These guidelines are just that – guidelines. Life gets busy so I don’t want you stressing about missing “the moment”. It’s never a bad time to photograph a baby!!

10. How long before we receive our photos?

Your photo disk will be ready within three weeks for portrait sessions and ten weeks for weddings.

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